Soy-Free Tempeh Starter

₹. 600

Versatile Starter Culture to Make your own protein and nutrient Tempeh with any combination of Whole Pulses, Millets and Seeds.

Contains 5 packets of starter. Makes 5 large batches of Soy- Free Tempeh.

  1. Soak the beans in adequate water for 10-12 hrs.
  2. Massage the beans till they split and the hull starts to float in the water.
  3. Carefully rinse and drain off the hull that is floating with the help of a sieve or colander.
  4. Boil the de-hulled in adequate water for an hour and discard the water.
  5. Lay the beans on a towel and leave it to dry. You can also leave it under the fan or blow-dry them with a hair dryer. Make sure that the beans are dry before you proceed.
  6. Leave the beans in a bowl till it reaches room temperature.
  7. Add 2 tbsp vinegar and mix well.
  8. Now add One packet of Tempeh Starter and mix well.
  9. Take a small plastic zip pouch and spread the beans to form 1 inch thick layer and close the zip pouch. You could also cover it in a banana leaf. Make a few holes with a toothpick and leave it to culture.
Mixed Pulses, Live Active Cultures

1 Packet Makes – 500g Tempeh,
Preparation Time: 30 mins,
Fermentation time: 48 – 72 Hrs

  • 1 Packet-Tempeh Starter Culture
  • 500 g Beans/Pulses of your choice
  • Stainless Steel looking Pot
  • Thick Towel or Napkin
  • Bowl with Sieve
  • 2 tbsp White Vinegar
  • Transparent Plastic Zip Pouch or Banana leaf
  • Thermometer(Optional)

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