Kombucha Starter Kit

₹. 1,999

Everything you need to start making your own Kombucha. Specially curated with supplies and ingredients to make Kombucha brewing super easy.

One pack is all you need. Make Kombucha Batch after Batch. Contains everything to get you started.

  1. Make sure to wash your hands well and the entire work area with piping hot water to avoid contamination.
  2. Take 1 Litre water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Add 4 tbsp (60g) sugar and 2 tbsp regular tea to the water. (You could add more tea if you like your Kombucha strong.) Sieve and keep aside.
  3. Make sure you leave it to bring it to room temperature or till it is completely cooled down.
  4. Rinse a wide mouth glass jar with hot water. You can also mix a little white vinegar with water and clean the jar. (Optional)
  5. Fill the jar with the freshly prepared cool tea. Carefully add the Mother SCOBY and the starter tea.
  6. Cover the jar with a thick cheesecloth or coffee filter, tightly covered with a rubber band.
  7. Culture in temperatures between 20 – 29 degrees for 7-15 days, depending on how strong you like your Kombucha.  Add a drop to your pH strip, it should be between 2.5 and 3.5. Your Kombucha is now ready to drink.
  8. A new baby SCOBY will form on top of the jar. You can repeat the process with the baby SCOBY and the prepared Kombucha as your starter culture.
Organic tea, Organic Sugar, Live Active Cultures, And other Supplies

Makes – 1-litre Kombucha
Preparation Time: 15 mins
Fermentation time: 7-10 days

Organic tea
Organic Sugar
Live Active Cultures
pH Strips
Rubber Bands
Muslin Cloth
Glass Jar
Stick-on Thermometer

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